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Service Introduction

Our companyprovides customers with convenient inspection and technical advisory services, with dedicated customer service staff, timely collection of customer needs, tracking sales of product information, handling complaints, to ensure that from pre-sale to after-sales of every detail, can provide "sincere, Professional, excellent "service.

1、Free on-site inspection:

The company provides free on-site inspection service for the customers, and is equipped with full-time staff to follow up the delivery of the products。

2、Free technical training:

The company provides free technical training for customers to make the trained personnelunderstand the product structure, working principle and installation steps, enabling customers to master the product maintenance under normal operation, and eliminate the common faults.

3、Free installation guide:

The company will assign experienced and competent service personnel to the scene to guide the installationduring the installation.

4、Free guidance debugging:

The company will assign technical personnel to the scene of power debugging and technical guidance on the installation of finished products。

5、On-site security operation:

The company will assign to the scene to assist technical staff to detect the operation in the initial operation of power equipment.

6、Professional service:

威腾电气集团股份有限公司The company owns a service installation company, has a comprehensive professional skills, rigorous work attitude, installation experience, sincere sense of service first-class team, and someone is responsible for the unified scheduling。

7、Fast response:

The company has a number of offices in the country, providing regional product sales and technical support, in response to customer notification after the prompt response to customer problems.

8、365 service system, sincere service every day:

Customer satisfaction with the company as the service standards, the establishment of 365 service system, the full year of 365, anytime, anywhere to provide sincere, professional, excellent service。

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