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MM Powerplus Busway

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MM Powerplus Busway

Product Overview

MM Powerplus busway, its low-impedance nature is designed for high-rise buildings and heavy industries to meet the requirements for high current and high-capacity failure。 The product is designed with a single wire and has a capacity of 400A to 5000A per phase and its conductor is made of copper or aluminum。


1.Simple Design

The unique single wire and heat dissipation design makes the busway system even more compact. MM Powerplus busway can typically save half or more space compared to other busway systems or cable configurations due to the higher current capacity.

2.Enhance the Heat Dissipation Effect

When the MM Powerplus busway is running, the temperature rise can be better because it has a unique aluminum alloy heat dissipation housing, and its surface area is much larger than the traditional flat-panel multi-wire busway of the same rated current.

3.Outdoor Application

威腾电气集团股份有限公司Every component of the product is completely sealed at the factory。 In terms of design, the connection between the components is ideal for outdoor applications。 Its corrosion-resistant aluminum housing is an ideal choice for outdoor applications。 The waterproof performance of the MM Powerplus busway is up to IP66。

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