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LV series compact busway

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LV series compact busway

Product Overview

Based on the latest technology in the world and previous experience, LV series compact busway is a new busway system which is on behalf of the world advanced level by the characteristics of thin, great, ingenious and distillation. Wetown is leading the development direction of the busway. LV series compact busway can be widely used in high-rise buildings, intelligent buildings, industrial plants and other important occasions.


威腾电气集团股份有限公司Thin: Conductor is arranged tightly and dissipates the heat wholly, so the busway has lower temperature rise. It has compact structure and the width is only 125mm, which makes the busway needn’t occupy large building space.

Great: Great innovation. The design of two pieces of housing affords the unity of busway and improves the sealing performance. Protection level is up to IP66 and it reduces the accumulation of dust in the busway.

Ingenious: Precision manufacturing by special equipment. We introduce the proprietary technology of German BOLLHOFF and use automatic self piercing riveting line to improve the assembly efficiency and quality. Through the KEMA certification in Holland, the material is low smoke non-halogen and complies with ROHS directive

Distillation: Further development makes the product quality better. After the process of special equipment and powder coating, our aluminum housing has excellent corrosion resistance and can undergo 1000 hours salt spray test. Meanwhile we use the high quality copper conductor. to make our busway has lower voltage drop and line loss.

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