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LM series compact busway

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LM series compact busway

Product Overview

LM series busway uses the design of ‘sandwich and its internal conductor is insulated by new integral coating process and compact in size. So chimney effect will not be formed. Molded aluminum alloy enclosure has high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and heat dissipation. It can use as 100% ground wire and ensure adequate safety to provide reliable grounding path for earth fault and the shortest path for ground fault.When it comes to a high capacity ground fault, it can protect the whole system effectively.The structure can effectively balance the impedance of each phase and greatly reduce the voltage loss of busway system. Our product has a number of national patents and the quality is domestic first-class level.Environmental protection performance complies with EU ROHS directive requirements.The main material in the fire will not produce toxic, harmful gas.


·Rated current 250A ~ 5000A;

·Patented product, sandwich structure, no chimney effect;

·Low impedance, low voltage, small occupied space;

·All aluminum shell, can be used as grounding conductor, through the 1000 hours salt spray test;

·Special quick connector, no special tool to install;

·The plug box with interlock device, convenient installation, prevent misoperation;

·Protection level up to IP65.

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