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By 2020, major progress will be made in supply-side structural reform of the iron and steel industry, and the entire industry will be fundamentally freed from difficulties。Overcapacity was effectively alleviated, with a net reduction of crude steel production capacity of 100 million to 150 million tons。China has significantly enhanced its innovation-driven capacity, and has built itself into a state-level industrial innovation platform and a group of internationally leading innovation enterprises。Energy consumption and pollutant emissions have all reached the target steadily, and the total volume has dropped both ways。Cultivate and form a number of intelligent steel manufacturing plants and intelligent mines;The product quality stability and the reliability level raise greatly, realizes a batch of key steel product varieties effective supply。

Strive for to 2025, the supply side of the iron and steel industry structural reforms achieved significant results, obviously improve the independent innovation level, effective supply level significantly increased, the formation of organizational structure optimization, regional distribution is reasonable, advanced technology, quality, outstanding brand, better economic benefit, the development of the competitive situation, the implementation of China's iron and steel industry from large to strong historic leap.

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