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Implement innovation-driven development strategy is the emphasis of "13th five-year plan ", "13th five-year plan requirements focus on goals, highlight key, to speed up the implementation for key state science and technology projects, start to deploy a new batch of science and technology projects, a new generation of information communication on to accelerate breakthroughs in core technologies in the field of the first place, new energy, intelligent manufacture and so on are also on the list.

To strengthen scientific and technological innovation in the leading role, "13th five-year plan also proposed to launch" 2030 "science and technology innovation, significant project", including quantum communication and quantum computer and the national cyber security was placed on the major project of science and technology, information network and the integration of heaven and earth, big data, such as intelligent manufacturing and robot was listed in major project directory。

In addition to the support of major projects, in order to optimize the modern industrial system, the 13th five-year plan also proposes to cultivate a number of strategic industries in the space, ocean, information network and other fields, and focus on the construction of quantum communication and ubiquitous security Internet of things to create new advantages for future development.

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